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The Team

Billing Assistant
Patient Relations Manager
Pharmacy Technician Supervisor

Helen has worked with lien patients on a daily basis for over 10 years.

She prioritizes patient care and understands the level of coordination needed with attorney and physician offices. Our custom software allows Helen to work directly and efficiently with partner pharmacies. Her level of lien experience and knowledge of case management makes Helen an invaluable resource for our team.

Managing Pharmacist

Lori has 31 years of retail and lien pharmacy experience in Nevada.

Her attention to patient care, level of efficiency, and leadership qualities at Las Vegas Pharmacy helped shape its continuing success. She works directly with partner pharmacies to ensure quality practices that benefit personal injury patients, attorneys and physicians.

Director of Operations

As co-owner of Las Vegas Pharmacy, Douglas has spent 13 years refining pharmaceutical lien case management.

By cultivating relationships with attorneys and physicians, serving thousands of personal injury patients, and managing multiple staffs, his expertise in this niche field led to the development of Las Vegas Pharmacy's partner company, Lien Rx.

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