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Toy Safety this Holiday Season

‘Tis the season of giving!

Every year, many of us gather together to exchange gifts and celebrate the holidays. While gift giving is joyful and exciting, December represents Safe Toys and Celebrations Month, so we’re taking a moment to recognize the importance of giving safe toys to children.

Roughly 1 in 10 children’s eye injuries that end up in the ER are caused by toys. This means, despite all efforts to make children’s toys safe, adults should exercise additional caution when purchasing toys. To keep your holidays safe and happy this year, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you select safe and appropriate toys for the special little ones in your life.

    1. Know your child’s age and understand his/her capabilities. The recommended age range provided on any toy can help you decide if your child can understand the toy, its safety requirements, and if it meets the needs and interests of your child at various stages of development.
    2. Read the label. It sounds simple, but it’s often overlooked. Warning labels give important information about how to use a toy, as well as recommended ages. Share this information with your child, so he/she knows how to properly use the toy.
    3. Electric toys should be “UL Approved.” UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories, an organization with over 100 years of experience as a world leader in product safety testing and certification. Check the label to ensure electronic toys are UL Approved.
    4. Only purchase nontoxic materials. Avoid purchasing toys that warn about possible poisoning. Make sure the label says “nontoxic.”
    5. Avoid projectile toys. We know projectile toys can be some of the hottest toys on the market. However, if handled improperly, these can lead to eye injuries or other skin bruises. If you choose to purchase a toy with launching or projectile functionality, take the time to review the recommended age information to ensure your child can understand appropriate use to stay safe.
    6. Think big. When purchasing toys for babies and toddlers, make certain all parts and pieces are larger than a mouth size. This will ensure the pieces aren’t swallowed, causing a choking hazard.
    7. Monitor volume. Many toys have various sounds and effects. Make certain to monitor volume levels to prevent damage to your child’s hearing.
    8. Avoid hobby kits and chemistry sets for any child younger than 12 years. These kits are extremely interesting and great for learning. Keep in mind that they can also cause fires or explosions. Make sure to supervise your child’s activities with science experiments and chemistry sets.
    9. Buy sturdy plastic. Look for toys that are made from sturdy plastic. If not, they often break easily and cause cuts.
    10. Look for high quality stuffed toys. Stuffed toys are comfy and cuddly but can offer their own risks. Stuffed toys should be machine washable and tightly sewn, so all parts are secure. Take off any loose ribbons or strings to avoid strangulation. Avoid toys that have small bean-like pellets or stuffing that can cause choking or suffocation if swallowed.
    11. Avoid crib toys. Cribs should be free of soft objects, loose bedding, or any objects that can increase the risk of entrapment, suffocation, or strangulation. Hanging mobiles should be kept out of reach.

The last thing to note is recalled toys. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has established rules and guidelines to ensure products are safe. Recalls are issued if a problem is found. This could include various reasons such as choking or fire hazards, or any other problem that makes the toy dangerous. If you have a toy that has been recalled, terminate use immediately.

A quick review of this list will ensure your holidays are full of laughter and happy memories to have for a lifetime. And remember Las Vegas Pharmacy is here to handle all your prescription needs. Visit us at 2600 W. Sahara Ave. #120 or call us at 702-220-3906. Our friendly staff is dedicated to your health with premium service, reduced wait times, and free delivery.

Here’s to wishing you a magical holiday season!


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